Our Beer Tasting

People: 10 - 200

Time: 1h00 - 2h30


This unique beer tasting experience combines local products, culture, and a relaxed atmosphere. Discover the rich Belgian terroir through an engaging beer tasting session. It’s the perfect opportunity to discuss your tastes and preferences while enjoying a glass of delicious local beer.

Have a convivial sharing moment, exploring the world of brewers guided by our passionate zythologist. They will delve into the history, production process, different types, and flavors of beers. Not only will they learn the best tasting techniques, but they will also train their senses to appreciate the subtle nuances of each brew.

An unforgettable experience! Book our beer tasting event now and relax, bond, and expand their knowledge of beers in a fun-filled atmosphere.

What sets this Beer Tasting apart?

  • Organized by a certified brewer and beer expert
  • Knowledge and tasting
  • Fun athmosphere
  • Possibility to adapt to your needs
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